Of all the plays I have been given, this one has afforded me deeper information about what I love.

I love music and music loves me. Music is that part of the comforter that Jesus said I would be sent and it just pierces my soul with love, hope, and joy. I can take it with me wherever I go, and God has allowed me to take this little light of mine all over the world, and I did not have to pay a dime to go on those wonderful music filled tours.

Until now, I had not thought about there being a reason God did it, I have just been grateful!

I am not a Music Major or a professional playwright so, there was much for me to find out about just how gospel music started. That was when I started to search for and found what I am sharing with you tonight, The root, the beginning and the now, all came together. Then came the revelation of a word I had never used before, tridimensional, three dimensions before. 

This wonderful music called Gospel came to me. I am hopeful that I have expressed in writing  what this vision has shown me and I thank God for the enrichment of life from the root Dr. Isaac Watts, and I have walked on streets in England and sung gospel songs maybe in a Church he was in centuries ago and Dr. Charles Wesley the same in the UK.


The Founding Father of Gospel, Dr. Charles Tindley, Sir Thomas A Dorsey, the Father of Traditional Gospel, By way of “Georgia Tom” and part of my Family Edwin Reuben and Walter Lee Hawkins for Contemporary Gospel. 



Shirley Wahls-Goodwin

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