The purpose is to reach out to children and youth in an effort to promote gospel music in their lives and to help shape them as better adults. 


The mission is to inspire creativity and productivity in a safe environment for children and youths, ages 10-18.  


The vision is to commit to excellence with the highest standards of ethical conduct and integrity in the most effective and compelling manner. 


Types of Activities    
A variety of performing arts will incorporate theater, praise dance, music (choral and instrumental), psalmistry, mime, arts and crafts, playwriting, songwriting, technology, and live performances. 


Children and youth will gain a greater appreciation and understanding of gospel music as an art form. They will reflect on gospel music with pride, love, and dignity.


Children from communities and churches will be invited to attend. Annual performance, after completing classes: 
•    Theatrical Presentation
•    Arts and Crafts Vendors
•    Musical Concert


At least 15 students from five churches in the Chicago area will be invited to participate along with the host community.
Donations are needed and appreciated:



SWG Productions, NFP        

8449 South Peoria Street        

Chicago, IL  60620

Gospel music is a genre that is primarily associated with the praise of God and Jesus Christ. It means “good news” and is rooted in the African-American culture. The legacy of gospel music is the profound effect that has marked the times of suffering, triumph, and transition from generation to generation.


As a child, myself and many other gospel artists were surrounded by this great cultural learning experience. It is one of the greatest tools I know and thank God for! I thank everyone for your support in this fundraising effort to follow my dream where God leads!

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